Use of the square

While the responsibility for the care and maintenance of Chalcot Square Gardens (CSG) lies with Camden Council, the Friends of CSG are a Committee of residents who work closely with Camden, run annual events and parties and contribute to the upkeep of our lovely gardens.


In a friendly and neighbourly spirit can you please pay heed to the following:

Please Do Not Damage the Grass

The gardens are intended to provide pleasure to all ages including young children who are welcome to play, including with a ball.

No Football

Older children and teenagers playing more organised football can be noisy and intrude on others. They can also damage the grass which takes a long time to recover and is expensive to repair. So please no football.

No Events without a license

Events in Chalcot Square are also not permitted without a license from Camden Council.  For more information please visit

No Filming without a permit

Filming in Chalcot Square is not permitted without a license from Camden Council. For more information please visit the Camden Film Office